1.  MARKER RULE applies.


2.  SEVEN (7) METRE RULE APPLIES (During general play)


3.  The referee will indicate the mark for a tap penalty.The opposition must retire 10 metres back. The ball may be tapped forward, backward or played between the legs.


4.  Dummy half can score a try.


5.  Dummy half will forfeit possession if caught with the ball.


6.  Play the ball to be rolled between the legs or backwards with the foot. The ball must not go back further than  2 metres; if so then the attacking side will forfeit possession.


7. The marker must take three (3) steps backwards from the player playing the ball (must stand back a minimum of 2 metres).


8. The Attacker or Defender can effect a touch, but should the defender "Pull away" or "Baulk a touch" a penalty will be awarded to the "attacking side".

     If the attacker plays the ball before being touched, a penalty will be awarded to the defending team.


9. The play the ball must be made at the point where the touch was effected or where the ball dropped (the defender will "dictate" the mark) with the referee to be the sole judge


10. Defenders are not allowed to move up until the dummy half touches the ball. Should there be no dummy half present within a reasonable time according to the referee,then he/she will award a turn over of possession.

Markers can NOT gain possession..


11.  When a try is scored the non scoring side will restart play with a place kick (tap for Ladies comps) on half way, at the referees signal.


12. The referee shall send a player to the blood bin/sin bin, when warranted.


13.  4 team semi final will apply.


14.  Place kick offs to start play and restart = Men’s and Mixed.  Tap-off in Ladies.