1.   No team or player is covered by insurance, this will be each players "own choice".

2.   Each team should have their own football (we have them for Sale @ $20 each also we have Uniforms avaliable @ $10 (singlets) or $15 (T-shirt).

3.   (a) All players must be registered with the Association on the official form which will be provided to the team organiser. This registration form must be returned to the Secretary with-in two (2) weeks of issue.

Points may be deducted for non compliance with this rule at the discretion of the Management Committee.

      (b)  Any additional registered players must be informed by letter/email to the Secretary, QPTFA .

      (c)  All registration of players should be supplied by Round 7.

      (d)  Players must be in uniform by Round 4.


      (f)  A player must have signed on at least five occasions to be eligible for final series.

4. All enquires re Ground Closures for Bad Weather call: 0425 383 752 "on Vodaphone Network"

5. Any player cited by an official or sent from the field for the full game will receive an automatic two (2) week suspension & must appear before judiciary panel before playing again.This meeting will be held at the discretion of the Management Committee depending upon the availability of the player, referee and Committee and if necessary any witnesses.

6.  Abuse of referees or officials will not be tolerated. Offenders will be cited to appear before a Management Committee and be ineligible to resume playing until they have done so.

7.  If a game is abandoned because of foul play,points will be awarded at the discretion of the Management Committee taking into account the circumstances surrounding abandonment together with reports from the Officials/Referee.

8.  A team must be ready to play no later than 5 minutes after the starting hooter and must have at least 5 players (4 when 6 on 6) on the field & "signed-on", or will forfeit points for the game.Mixed sides must have at least 1 lady to start; the Referee and/or Time Keeper will be the judge of time in this regard.

9.  Duty/Bye teams must have 3 players on stand-by or forfeit the three (3) competition.They will not be eligible for"Handi-cap or Final Series" also teams who aren't prepared to play in allocated time-slots as requested by the Management Committee and may well not be invited to future competitions.

10. Players can only be registered with one (1) club in any one Sheild/Division.

11. Teams short of players may conscript further players (so long as they are not Registered with another team in the same Shield)


12. Teams may be re-graded up to & including Round 7, and will carry their accumulated points to the next division.  Management Committee will decide.

13. All games are played with two halves of 20 minutes each. No half time (except the finals series).

14. Points are awarded on a 3;2;1 basis; 0 for any forfeits more than "once" will have points "deducted" & on the 3rd occasion Team will be removed from the competition.

15. Replacement players must come from 1 side of the field only and may only come on when their side is in possession or on a dead ball situation.

16. Ladies will be with 7 players allowed on the field at any one (1) time (Mix = 4 Male +3 Females, Min at least 1 lady on the field) "Unlimied Reserves"

17a. Over 30s  = 4 registered players under the age of 30 permitted but only 2 on the field at any one time

17b. Over 35s  = 2 players under 35 permitted & one under the age of 30 - again with only 2 of either of them on the field at any one time

18. Family Mixed comps allow Junior players to be part of a Team with a Max of 7 registered Adults (4 Men + 3 Ladies) with a Max of 4 (2 male + 2 female) on the field at any one time

19. Top Four (4) Semi Final Series will apply with for and against to decide positions in the event of tied points.


20.  The drop off rule will apply when teams are tied at full time during the finals series.